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Play before Flop
The best players of Texas Hold' em grant a primordial importance in the selection of the hands of departure and do not hesitate to lie down when they consider it necessary.
In effect, their strategy is to play a minimum of hands but with a maximum of success!
To arrive at your tower(turn) there, the first quality is to show patience.

1) Patience
Statistically, about 2/3 of the hands that you are going to accept(receive) are not of big interest, that is that on the long - term, you will more often be losing than winning with these hands

Example: 4 trefle - 9 pike(spades)

With a hand of this type, it is deeply recommended to lie down.
When this type of hand is repeated, to show patience is therefore the best guarantee not to lose bets in vain.
When that a hand holds your attention, you must then assess(estimate) it in the context of the party(part): that is in comparison with your position around the table. In effect, with your two cards(maps) in hands before Flop, it is the only element which you have !

2) Position
The more you play in late(belated) position and the more you have information on other players and therefore more your hand is potentially strong. So, with a hand of rather medium force.

E xemple: Ram tile - 10 pike(spades)

In late(belated) position: according to the bets of other players, you are capable of choosing your best action: lie down, follow, or restart and " steal the pot ".
In hurried position: you have no necessary detachment to make the best decision. Numerous players will make therefore the decision to lie down in this situation. Possibly, it is possible to follow to see Flop but you must hope that the players located after you will not re start you. Situation is therefore uncomfortable.
To know about it more on position, click here.

3) In summary:
The choice of the hands on which you decide to play before to découvir Flop is decisive(conclusive) for your chances of success on the long - term. To make the good choice, will you have both following notions in mind?

To play all hands systematically is an error. Contrariwise, shown patience and drop hands without interest.
Take into account your position: the more you play in late(belated) position and the more the value(stock) of your hands is comparatively strong in comparison with those of your rivals.

With what hands of departures to restart?
Here is mentioned below a summary picture of the main hands of departure with which to restart: Pair of Whizz
Kings' pair
Queens' pair
Manservants' pair
Whizz and Queen matched
Whizz and King matched

These hands of departure are the strongest that they can accept(receive). To secure a return them at the farthest, restart, whatever is your position, appears as the best strategy.

With what hands of departure to follow?

Here is mentioned below a summary picture of the main hands of departure with which it is recommended to follow, whatever is your position:

Whizz and odd Manservant
King and Lady spoiled
Lady and odd Manservant
Pair of Ten
Pair of Nine
Pair of Eight
Manservant and Ten matched
Lady and matched Manservant
Matched ten and nine

These hands are less strong than the previous but introduce(present) advantage that if Flop is favourable to you, you have then very good chances to have a winning hand.
Otherwise, if no card(map) ameliorates your game or if printing(impressions) suite and colour seem to you perilous, it is preferable that you drop your hand.

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