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The omaha Hi / Lo

L ' Omaha Hi is exactly similarly played than l ' Omaha, with an exception: in the showdown, the highest hand earns(wins) only the half of the pot, while l ' other half is carried off(won) by the best low hand.
However it n ' is true that if one alleviates slaughter a low hand qualifiante. S ' it not there a no low qualifiante hand, has better haute hand carry(win) everything off it pot.

Requirements d ' une been born low
To be described to be low hand, a hand must contain no upper card(map) in 8 and nor pair or better.
However, straights and flushes do not disqualify a low hand. So for instance, 8s-7s-6s-5s-4s qualify as basse hand. (En the same time c ' is une very good hand flash, to adapt(fit) straight flush.)

Form a high hand and a low hand
As nous parlons toujours of l ' Omaha, you must use(employ) two of your cards(maps) closed to form a hand of poker with trois cards(maps) of the picture. But you are free d ' use(employ) matter which combination of two cartes pour the low hand and the hand haute. You can use(employ) one or two of vos cartes fermées à the fois for the high hand and the low hand, or you can use(employ) two cards(maps) for the high hand and them two for the low hand, as you wish it.
For instance, so vous have Whizz King 10 and 2 and that the board introduces(presents) AA764, your best high hand is AR+AA7 (brelan - three of your best low hand have kind), and is A2+764. You use(employ) l ' whizz in both hands.

L ' strong whizz and weak-willed person
A l ' Omaha Hi, l ' have the card(map) most is forte but also the weakest(slowest). C ' is what returns the classical hand so strong A2345. C ' is the best possible low hand, but all at once as c ' a straight, c ' is a strong high hand is.

Councils of game in l ' Omaha Hi

You should always search a possibility to earn(win) everything very everything ' is what s ' call to scooper. There are two manners of scooper. You am have the best high hand and the best low hand. You am have the best high hand and it do not have low hand there. If you do not try qu ' to earn(win) the high party(part) or the low party(part), benefit is half less big.

Earn(Win) quarter
Even if have you the best possible low hand, is never sure(reliable) you of earning(winning) this would be that the half of the pot. C ' is always possible qu ' another player has the same low hand, so that you will have to share her left low of the pot, what means that you will accept(receive) only a quarter of the pot. C ' a very poor report is à - to say que vous recevrez to have played your main. En effect, you can even lose of l ' silver(money) on the hand if you earn(win) only a quarter of the pot.
Of course, the high hands share so sometimes the high half of the pot. Mais il is possible to have une high hand among which vous is sure(reliable) qu ' no couple joueur no peut not and ' to equate.

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