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Statistics (1/2)

In the poker, numerous are the players beginners who accuse misfortune of being responsible for their defeats...
And however! If chance (or misfortune, it is according to) can be indisputable a factor mattering in short term results, this one is almost insignificant in results of long - term.
Why? Parce that we are any equal in front of statistics.
Then if you like to earn(win) on the long - term, put statistics in your sleeve(handle)!

BetClic Poker recapitulated all useful statistics for you in Texas Hold' em. Memorize them and put in your benefit!

The hands of departure
The picture below gives likelihood to accept(receive) every type of hand (a pair, two matched cards(maps)) at the beginning of party(part).

Hands of departure Example Probabiltés
Pair of Whizz 0.45 %
AA, RR, DD, VV 1.80 %
10-10 - 2-2 4.20 %
A pair 5.90 %
2 matched cards(maps) 23.50 %
2 matched and successive cards(maps) 4.00 %
Whizz-king (matched or not) 1.20 %
Whizz-king, Whizz - Lady or Whizz-manservant 3.60 %
As-X 14.40 %
Successive cards(maps) 15.7 %
Hands without particular(special) interest env. 70 %

Councils from the analysis of the picture:
The last line points out that about 70 % of hands which you are going to accept(receive) are not worth blow d ' to be played. That is that if you play these hands (as 7-2, manservant 6, etc), you are has not much near insured party to be losing on the long - term...
Learn to choose your hands of departures a t the farthest to keep(guard) only the best, those who have real chances to earn(win) (what gives you about 30 % of printing(impressions)). It is there that a major quality of the good player of poker intervenes: patience!
Also keep in mind that this statistics is also valid for your adversaries. If the player was located in your right revival systematically, say that as you, it is 30 % of chance to accept(receive) cards(maps) which justify a revival!

The likelihood of improvements in Flop
In the majority of cases, you must ameliorate your hand of departure to earn(win) a pot, notably on Flop (printing(impression) of the three cards(maps)).
For instance, pair 2-2 is 12 % to be transformed in brelan (that is one chance of ten about). According to the bets of your adversaries and thanks to the picture below, you have elements in hand to make the best decisions (lie down, follow or restart):
Hands of departure:
Improvement in Flop

Pair Brelan 12 %
Ex: Ex:
Full 0.75 %


Ensconced 0.25 %
2 matched Colour cards(maps) 0.85 %
Printing(Impression) with colour 10.90 %
2 cards(maps) splittées Pair 32.40 %
Ex: Ex:
Double Pair 2 %
Full 0.10 %
2 successive cards(maps) Printing(Impression) suite by ends 8.90 %
Ex: Ex:
Suite 1 %

Councils from the analysis of the picture:

If you have two matched cards(maps), for instance King 5 in colour heart and that you are confronted to a well brought up bet, your chances to have a printing(impression) with heart (that is that two of three cards(maps) of Flop are hearts) are 10.90 %.

That is rather weak(slow)! On the contrary if play against 9 adversaries and that you are the last to speak, it can be worth blow to see the three cards(maps) of seen Flop the silver(money) which contains the pot. Everything is affair of judgement!

Generally, estimate your chances to acquire favourable cards(maps) and then make your decisions according to the environment of the table: sum of the pot, position, size of the carpets, numbers bets of the adversaries of players, supposed game of the adversaries,... It is in this sense that statistics has to serve your game!

Statistics (2/2)

Aprés have studied the statitsiques of the hands of departure (see 1/2 statistical), essential supplementary benefit is now to know its chances of success!
Imagine: you are playing a party(part) of Texas Hold' em. Having carefully chosen your hands of departure, you decide to come back into a blow with Whizz-king.
Flop (printing(impression) of the first three cards(maps)) is distributed and you acquire a double pair Whizz-king!
Rightfully, you like to transform this double pair into Full in Turn (printing(impression) of the fourth card(map)) or in the River (printing(impression) of the last card(map))...
What are your chances to acquire this Full?
A little maths and the sky clears...
With this example, let us calculate the chances to have the full hoped with quick following counting:

1) Known cards(maps): 5 (the three cards(maps) of Flop more both cards(maps) in hands)
2) Unknown cards(maps): 47 (52 - 5 = 47 cards(maps))
3) Cards(maps) which give Full: 4 (two Whizzes more two remaining Kings)

What gives you 4 possibilities of 47 to acquire Full in Turn and 4 possibillités on 46 in the River, that is exactly 16.47 % of chance...
But do we need to know this percentage exactly to play well? Happily, no!
Without knowing it, you calculated your "Outs" (cards(maps) which can ameliorate your game, that is 4 in our example). By calculating your outs, you will always acquire a figure consisted of between 1 and 15. This figure, it is enough to multiply it by 4 to have a good approximation of your chances!

Let us take back(Let us resume) our example, by applying this expression, we acquire currently:
4 (number of outs) x 4 = 16 % of chances to acquire Full in Turn or in the River.
You want to know your chances to have Full only in Turn? Divide this figure by 2 and you will acquire an allowable(acceptable) approximation.

In our example, there is therefore 8 % of chance to acquire your full from turn.

Stats to be known
The picture mentioned below present the most frequent cases of faces after Flop. For instance, if you touch a pair on Flop, keep(hold) that you are only 4 % of chance it to transform in brelan in Turn and 8.5 % on Turn and the River united.

After Flop, you have You wish Number of outs Likelihood in Turn Likelihood in Turn or in the River
Nothing A Pair 6 13 % 24 %
A Pair Brelan 2 4 % 8.5 %
A Double Pair Full 4 8.5 % 16.5 %
Ensconced Brelan Un 1 2 % 4 %
A suite by the belly A Suite 4 8.5 % 16.5 %
A suite by ends Brelan 8 17 % 31.5 %
4 matched cards(maps) A Colour 9 19 % 35 %
A printing(impression) flush fifth (suite by ends + colour) A Fifth Flush, a Suite or a Colour 15 32 % 54 %


Printing(Impression) suite by the belly: point out that you lack only a card(map) to acquire a suite and that it is about a central card(map)

Printing(Impression) suite by ends: point out that you have 4 cards(maps) which are in order. You lack only a card(map) therefore to acquire a suite, either by the bottom, or by the top.

If you like to be impossible to catch out on likelihood to make your decisions (lie down, follow or restart) in the best conditions, take the good reflex from now on to calculate your "Outs" after Flop.

Then, make correspondence with the below picture or make multiplication by 4 to have your chances!

With a good knowledge of statistics, you will so be able to concentrate on other variables: style of game of your adversary, size of carpets, position, taking up bets and future so a player of formidable poker!

Nbre of outs Likelihood in Turn Probabilitéà the River Likelihood in turn and
River united

1 2.13 % 2.17 % 4.26 %
2 4.26 % 4.35 % 8.42 %
3 6.38 % 6.52 % 12.49 %
4 8.51 % 8.7 % 16.47 %
5 10.64 % 10.87 % 20.35 %
6 12.77 % 13.04 % 24.14 %
7 14.89 % 15.22 % 27.84 %
8 17.02 % 17.39 % 31.45 %
9 19.15 % 19.57 % 34.97 %
10 21.28 % 21.74 % 38.39 %
11 23.40 % 23.91 % 41.72 %
12 25.53 % 26.09 % 44.96 %
13 27.66 % 28.26 % 48.1 %
14 29.79 % 30.43 % 51.16 %
15 31.91 % 32.61 % 54.12 %

Will you entertain you?

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