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Using The Everest Poker Training Room To Learn Poker

Everest Poker offers an exclusive online poker training room to its players. We feel it's the best way to help newcomers to the game become familiar with the rules of multi-player Texas holdem poker. It's fun, easy, and doesn't have any of the pressure of playing poker with real people. You'll learn the game by playing against our poker training robots. This means you can take time to learn poker game controls and how Texas Holdem flows. You can use our online Poker training room as often as you wish to learn poker.

Our three Automated Trainers

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Getting to the Texas Holdem Poker Training Room is easy. Simply click on the Texas Holdem Training Room button in the Everest Poker software Lobby and select which type of poker bet limits you wish to apply to the training session. It's recommended that you begin to learn poker with Limit Play because it offers fewer betting choices and allows you to learn poker's flow much more easily.

poker en ligne Limit poker play means raises are limited to the minimum bet amount, and 1/2 stakes means that minimum bets are 1 poker chip in the first two rounds of poker game play and 2 poker chips in the third and fourth rounds.

Pot Limit poker play allows players to raise any amount from the minimum bet up to the total that is currently in the pot. 2/2 stakes means that minimum bets are 2 poker chips in the first two rounds and 2 poker chips in the third and fourth rounds of holdem poker play.

In holdem poker, No Limit play means that the player can raise any amount from the minimum bet up to the amount of poker chips they have at the table. 3/3 stakes means minimum bets are 3 poker chips in the first two rounds of poker game play and three chips in the third and fourth rounds.

After selecting which Limit system you wish to use during your poker training session, click OK. The Online Poker Training Room will open with a dialog box asking you how many poker chips you wish to bring to the table. The poker software shows the minimum number of chips needed to sit in on the game and the maximum number that you can bring to the poker training table. Since this is Free Play Poker, you may just click OK to sit with the maximum. You then will be seated with the poker table in the foreground. A moment later, Mallory, Hillary, and Norgay (our poker training robots) will join the table and take their seats. After you and the robots are seated, poker play will start.

From this point, poker players learn poker by doing. Action buttons for poker play will appear in the centre control panel when it's your turn to make a decision in the game. Don't be afraid to click the wrong thing; after a few hands of poker, you're sure to get the hang of it and start mastering the flow of holdem poker play.

Here are some tips for online poker training with the Everest Poker software:

Hold your mouse over the avatars for a few seconds to see player profiles popup.
Mouse-over your Pocket Cards to see your best holdem poker hand rank at the moment (it may change as more community cards are dealt to the board).
Mouse-over most control buttons to see tips pop-up to explain their function in holdem poker play. Action buttons typically don't have pop-up tips because they would be distracting during play.
The Chat window carries Dealer chat which describes what happens at each step. Reading it as you play can be instructive.

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  • To see what happened at the end of the last poker hand, look in the upper right at the Previous Hand window. Click on the window to bring up the poker Statistics table showing information on your play during this table session. Click on the Statistics table to bring up the previous poker Hand summary again.
    The Hand Ranks button will pop-up a list of all the possible Texas Holdem Poker Hand values ranked from highest to lowest.
    If you want more help with understanding the Action buttons in our online Texas holdem poker, read more on Playing the Game.
    If you run out of poker chips, you can always leave the Texas Holdem Poker Online Training Room and start over again. Use it as often as you like. When you are familiar with the Texas Holdem Poker game controls and comfortable with the flow of play, go back to the Lobby and select an active poker table to take on other poker players for the real thrill of this game. Read hints on Choosing a Table.

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