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Seven Card Stud Hi

Game shared Pot - The seven card stud Hi / Lo is exactly similarly played than the seven card stud, with an exception: in the showdown, the highest hand earns(wins) only the half of the pot, while l ' other half is carried off(won) by the best low hand.
However it is true only if a player slaughters a low qualifiante hand. S ' there is not low hand qualifiante, the best high hand carries off(wins) all pot. Requirements d ' a low hand
To be described to be low hand, a hand must contain no upper card(map) in 8 and nor pair or better.
However, a straight or flush does not disqualify a low hand. So for instance, 6h-5h-4h-3h-2h qualify as low hand. ( All at once c ' is a very good high hand, a straight flush.)

Form a high hand and a low hand
In the showdown, you use(employ) five of your cards(maps) to form a high hand and five to form a low hand. You can use(employ) one or several cards(maps) at the same time in the high hand and the low hand, without restriction.
For instance, if you have A-2-4-5-6-7-8, you will use(employ) A-2-4-5-6 for your low hand and 4-5-6-7-8 for your high hand.

Councils of game to the Seven Card Stud Hi Scooper
As in Omaha Hi, it is important d ' try to carry off(win) the whole pot. You can make it of two manners: either by winning above and down, or by having the best high hand then qu ' there is not low qualifiante hand.

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