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In the Poker, a bluff consists in betting or restarting with a lower hand those of his(her,its) adversaries. To know how to bluff is a notion rather difficult to control but indispendable to all players of Poker!
If you are not familiar with the technology of bluff, we recommend you at first to try semi-bluff.

Definition of semi-bluff
Semi-bluff corresponds to a bet or to a revival with a less strong hand than those of the adversaries. Unlike bluff, when you make a semi-bluff, the printing(impression) of the next cards(maps) can bring you of possibilities of improvements !
With semi-bluff, you can earn(win) the pot by two means:
All your adversaries lie down further to your well brought up bet
You touch one of the possibilities of improvements, what gives you a much stronger hand

Example of semi-bluff
You begin a party(part) of Texas Hold' em No Limit on a table to 10 players, and you are in the position of the donor, the best possible (see the importance of position).

Your hand of departure: 7 pike(spades) - 9 pike(spades)
It is in your tower(turn) to play, four players followed and you decide to follow in your tower(turn).
In finale, you meet therefore in 6 at the time of Flop, blind big having made word: 3 pikes(spades) - lady carrerau - ram pike(spades)
Following the printing(impression), your adversaries decide to make all word.

At this definite instant, your hand is not worth thing big but conditions seem very favourable to a semi-bluff :
All your adversaries made word and you are the last to speak
You have 4 cards(maps) of pike(spades), you are on a colour printing(impression) and according to the likelihood of improvement of your game, you estimate at 35 % your chances to touch colour.

Knowing that none of your adversaries bet, what lets think that none of them has a lady, would intimidate them to you therefore probably by making believe that you have one of it.
You decide therefore to bet hard because:
If all your adversaries lie down, you carry off(win) the pot directly
If a player follows you, you really have a chance to carry off(win) the pot thanks to your possibilities of improvement (in this example, you can touch a colour).
Do not lose view that semi-bluff is a bluff and that in this title your first objective is an of an ammener your adversaries to lie down!

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