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The importance of Position

In Texas Hold' em, to assess(estimate) the value(stock) of your hands, your position around the table is essential data! Position represents the distance which separates you from the person who distributes cards(maps), donor.
In l ' example below, the donor (above to the right) distributes cards(maps). Both persons to his(her,its) left are called Small Blind and Big Blind (Small Blind pays a half of bet blindly while Big Blind pays a whole bet). The person behind Big Blind is called "Under the Gun" (under the gun) because it is the first person to be able to choose her action: lie down, follow Big Blind or restart.
In a table to 10 players, they say that the players the closest(nearest) to Big Blind are in "Early position" (hurried position) while the players more near the donor are in "Late position" (late(belated) position). As for the players located in the middle, they are " middle position " there, that is in medium position.
The force of your hand depends partly on your position! In effect, the best position is that of the donor because at the time of speaking for the first time he already knows the actions(stock) of all other players. Because of this or that according to the bets of other players and personally, the donor can make a more thoughtful decision than for instance the player " under the gun ", and so to maximize his winnings or to minimize his potential losses.
All interest of position is therefore to have more information in comparison with other players at the time of playing.

Example after Flop
Let us look in concrete terms currently at the influence which your position can have on the value(stock) of a hand.
Let us take the following scenario, you have manservant's pair:
And Flop gives the following cards(maps):
You play in "Early position", for instance " Under the gun ".
You are therefore the first to speak. You have a very good hand of departure but unfortunately there is possibility that one of your adversaries touches lady's pair. That to make?
A recommended strategy is to follow the sum of Big Blind by hoping that all your adversaries follow or lie down, with so possibility as a Manservant arrives at Turn.
In possible case where an adversary restarts after you, it is recommended to put to bed you. In effect, there is extremely to bet that the adversary has a lady and outclasses your manservant's pair. In these conditions, to hope to have a manservant in Turn is very unpredictable and you have much more to lose that to win.
You play in "Late position", for instance the donor.
When arrives your tower(turn) of game, you know all actions(stock) of your adversaries. If one or several players restarted, you are has not much near sure(reliable) that a player touched a lady and therefore your chances to earn(win) the pot are weak(slow). The best thing to be made is then to lie down, you make the economy of a bet so!
Conversely, if nobody restarted, you have in that case of face two good reasons to restart.
The first one, it is that in case of abscence of revival of your adversaries, you can reasonably think that nobody touched lady's pair. Also(so), your manservant's pair is probably the strongest hand.
The second, and it is valid about your hand is, is to use your position at the farthest. In effect, you can try " to steal the pot ", that is to make believe to other players than you have a lady to make them lie down.
It is possible only because you have advantage to play in last. In "Early position" or "Middle position", it would be very dangerous to try to steal the pot!

In conclusion
An informed player is worth two! You saw in this example that you can take advantage of your position to make the best decisions, are in relancant at key instant or by leaving a hand. It is not easy, the Poker is (Heureuseunent) no precise science and it belongs therefore to you to make your own experience!

We can sum up the importance of position in your strategy of game as follows:
In "Early position", you cannot play all hands which you wish for fear of the hands of the adversaries which follow you.
In "Late position", you can play more hands because you have a better idea of force in presence.

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