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The likelihood of improvements

Imagine: you are playing a party(part) of Texas Hold' em, flop has just been distributed and you acquire a double pair. rightfully, you hope to touch Full Turn or to Clinch it...
But do you know your chances to acquire this Full?
Happily, there is a simple mathematical expression to calculate your chances to acquire a better hand in Flop, and it whatever is your hand of departure!
Count cards(maps)
By knowing that there are 13 cards(maps) of every colour in a complete game of card(map) (that is 52 cards(maps)), you can easily calculate the number of cards(maps) which will ameliorate your game.
Let us take back(Let us resume) our example: you have a double pair, let us say Whizz - Whizz and King-king, you know therefore that there remain 2 whizzes and 2 kings in game, are 4 possibilities of improvements in total to touch Full!

Assess(Estimate) your chances

Thanks to expression below, you are therefore going to be able to calculate your chances to ameliorate your game: (possibilities of improvements X 4) - (likelihood of improvements - 8) = % chances of improvements
With our example, likelihood to acquire Full by having touching a double pair Flop is therefore:
(4 X 4) - (4 - 8) = (16) - (-4) = 16 + 4 = 20 are 20 % of chance to touch Full
With a little of practice, you will be soon able of calculating your chances of improvements at some instants!

In summary

Here is a summary picture of the most common situations to which you are confronted:

Hand in Flop You hope... Possibilities of improvements Chance of improvements
Printing(Impression) suite by ends + colour printing(impression) Suite or colour 15 53 %
4 matched Colour cards(maps) 9 35 %
Printing(Impression) suite by ends Suite 8 32 %
Printing(Impression) suite by the belly Suite 4 20 %
Double-pair Full 4 20 %
Pair Brelan 2 14 %

Point out: the chances of improvements of the picture were calculated from the mathematical expression explained on this page. This expression does not give precise likelihood that event occurs but an estimate(evaluation) very close(near) to reality.


Printing(Impression) suite by the belly: point out that you lack only a card(map) to acquire a suite and that it is about a central card(map)

Printing(Impression) suite by ends: point out that you have 4 cards(maps) which are in order. You lack only a card(map) therefore to acquire a suite, either by the bottom, or by the top.

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